Shopify Adds Support for Avalanche NFTs, Unlocking New Revenue Streams

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• Shopify merchants can now mint and list their NFTs through their storefronts using Venly, a blockchain app.
• Merchants do not need to refer clients to popular, dedicated NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, or Magic Eden.
• Shoppers will not need to have an Avalanche wallet to buy NFTs and will not have to handle crypto but can make fiat payments to receive a link to their Avalanche wallet holding the NFT.

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, recently announced the addition of support for Avalanche NFTs through Venly, a blockchain app. This new development will make it easier for Shopify merchants to mint and list their NFTs through their storefronts, without the need to refer customers to popular, dedicated NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, or Magic Eden.

The integration of Avalanche NFTs into Shopify will enable shoppers to make payments in fiat currency and receive a link to a newly-created Avalanche wallet holding the freshly-minted NFT, which they are free to transfer to another wallet. This means that shoppers will not need to have an Avalanche wallet or handle crypto in order to purchase NFTs. Furthermore, merchants will be able to use NFTs for a range of purposes including selling them, offering NFT-gated experiences, and using them for authentication by tying them to physical products.

Venly, the blockchain app through which this integration has been enabled, is one of the few blockchain apps available on Shopify and is the only one that currently supports Avalanche. It is a layer-1 blockchain platform that allows merchants to mint NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain. The app is currently in the early stages of development but is expected to grow in popularity in the coming months as more merchants become aware of the potential benefits of using NFTs in their business.

The addition of Avalanche support through Venly is a major development for Shopify merchants, as it gives them the ability to capitalize on the growing popularity of NFTs. By being able to mint and list their own NFTs, merchants can create unique experiences for their customers while also unlocking new revenue streams. Furthermore, the use of NFTs for authentication purposes means that merchants can ensure the authenticity of the products they sell, providing customers with peace of mind.

Overall, the integration of Avalanche NFTs into Shopify is a major step forward for the platform and its users. By providing merchants with more options for minting and selling NFTs, Shopify is further cementing its position as one of the leading e-commerce platforms. With the growing popularity of NFTs, this new integration is sure to open up new opportunities for Shopify merchants and help them to capitalize on the trend.

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